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单项选择:1.When I got to school, the final bell_______________.A. rang B. was ringing C. ringing D. rings

2.He ______________by the time I go there.A. left B. was leaving C. had left D. has left.

3.By the end of last week, we__ 12 units.A. had learned B. have learned C. learned D. was learning

4.By the time I ___ the cinema, the movie __ for half an hour.

A. arrive, began B. arrive in, had begun C. reached, had been on D. arrived at, had begun

5.Jim can’t come. He with his parents ____ to Shanghai.A. have been toB. have gone to C. has been to D. has gone to

6.How many trees ___ by the end of last year?A. are planted B. planted C. had been planted D. have been planted

7.Until then, “Zhu Jianqiang”_____ under the ruin(废墟)for six days!A.was B. had been C. has been D. had done

8.I ___250 yuan on my shoes.Really? Mine__ me 800 yuan!A. spent, cost B. paid, spend C.spent, paidD. paid, cost

9.They are often seen__________ to buy cigarettes from that shop.A. buying B. bought C. to buy D. buy

10.He is sick now.He can play football very __, if he is__enough.A.good, good B.well, wellC.good, wellD.well, good

11.Both he and his brother __________soldiers then.A. is B.was C. were D. are

12.Neither she nor her parents____________ the car.A. like B. likes C had liked D. have been liked

13.I did’t know how long Yao Ming_____ the Rockets.A. had joined B. has joined C. had been in D. had been

14.Must I do it right now? No, you_____.A. mustn’t B. need not to C. needn’t D. are not need to

15.I thought he had never been here, _______?A did I B. didn’t I C. had he D. hadn’t he


3.他早些时候要和我见面但他没来。He was going to meet me _________ but he didn’t ________ _________.


There will be a match between Barcelona and Real Madrid early tomorrow morning, but I don’t want to _____ ____.

5.成千上万的人从家里逃了出来。___________ ______ people ____________ __________ their homes.

6.Tony 和他爸爸开着它爸的车路过捎了我一程。

Tony and his father ______ ______ ______ his dad’s car and they ________ _______ _______ _______.

7.当我到达班里时,老师已经开始讲课了。___ _____ _____ I got to class, the teacher _____ already_____ _____ 词汇1.I was late for school yesterday because I o___.2.We usually get “yasui” money from r__during Sping Festival.

__story.4.He opened the box with his shaking hands but it’s e__!

5.After a day’s hard work, we are all very e_____.6.Words can’t d______ the beauty of the girl.

7.The government a___ that the price of gas would drop.8.I believe that the truth will be r______ one day.

9.They got m_____in 2006 and had a baby in 2007.10.He was so c_____that everybody believed him.

完型填空About a hundred people lived in a very small mountain village. It was very 1 from the other villages and towns. They had few friends and they got bad harvest. of them left the village. Of course there was neither electricity(电)nor gas(煤气)there.

Once a writer the village. The backwardness(落后)of the village surprised him. He decided about it to the world. So he took the oldest villager to London. The old man told all about his home village to the people. Several months he returned. All the villagers went to see him and asked him how he had enjoyed in the city. “Everything is wonderful in ”the old man said.

“I’ve to many good places and eaten all kinds of nice food and other things. But the trouble was I could not at night. ” “What happened to you? ”his wife asked.

“The was on in my bedroom all the time. ” “Why not blow it out, then? ”

“I tried-but it was inside a little glass bottle. ”

( )1. A. close B. far C. near D. high ( )2. A. All B. Some C. None D. Hundreds ( )3. A. visited B. lived C. stayed D. got to ( )4. A. to write B. to speakC. to sayD. to tell

( )5. A. after B. later C. soon D. ago( )6. A. food B. music C. himself D. traffic

( )7. A. town B. mountain C. village D. London( )8. A. gone B. came C. been D. got ( )9. A. sleep B. help C. walk D. see( )10. A. window B. radio C. light D. TV set

期中测试词汇:1. I think she p________ wanted to borrow a book from the library.

2. It’s i_____ for me to finish my homework in such short time.3. I am s______ John doesn’t come to school on time.

4. We have classes e_____ Saturday and Sunday.5. Lucy always gets n______ when she sees the papers of exams. 单选:1. The 29th Olympic Games will be held in London _________ two years.A. in B. after C. about D. till

2. It _________ me about half an hour to finish my homework yesterday evening.A. cost B. took C. spent D. used

3. Lucy said that she _________ to school the next Sunday. A. wouldn’t go B. won’t go C. isn’t go D. didn’t go

4. The teacher wanted to ask me to _________ who broke the window. A. look for B. find C. look after D. find out

5. I am sorry. I _________ my homework at home this morning.A. forgot B. left C. leaves D. forgets

6. There _________ an exciting football game on CCTV-5 at half past seven this evening.



A. is going to have B. is going to be C. will have D. would be

7. The physics teacher told us the moon _________ round the earth.A. was moving B. moves C. is moving D. moved

8.—I came to your home yesterday morning, but nobody was in.—Oh, we _________ some shopping in the market.

A. were doing B. are doing C. did D. have done

9. I think Surfing the Internet can ____ our eyes to outside the world.A. start with B. turn off C. open up D. stand up

10.—How was your final exam?—_________.

A. That’s no problem. B. My math teacher said I could do better.C. I’ll have a great time. D. I believe I could. 阅读:What do students and teachers think of the rules of forbidding (禁止) iPods at school? To find out, we bring the question to those students and teachers at Hilltop school(山顶学校).

Dislikes the rule: Lucy doesn’t like the rule. She thinks it will be better if students can listen to iPods during lunch and between classes. Tom doesn’t like the rule because he would like to listen to his iPods between classes. He thinks it can help him pay more attention (注意) in class.

Mr. Green doesn’t like the rule because he just likes music and likes to listen to it.

Likes the rule:

Mrs. White likes the rule. Sometimes students might lose their iPods at school, and then they will go cycling to their parents. Lisa likes the rule. She thinks iPods will distract(使分心) students from their work.

1.When does Lucy think students can listen to iPods?A.During lunch B.Between classes C.In the morning D.A and B

2. Why doesn’t Tom like the rule?

A. He wants to listen to his iPod between classes. B. He would like to listen to his iPod during lunch.

C. He thinks it can help him pay more attention in class., D. A and C

3. What does Mr. Green think what people can listen to on iPods?A. Music B. English C. News D. Stories

4. According to Mr. Smith, what will students do without iPods? A. They will pay more attention in class.

B. They will work hard. C. They won’t be interested in their work. D. They will do well in their lessons.

5. If students lose their iPods, what will they do?A. They will cry at school. B. They will go to look for them.

C. They will go crying to their parents. D. They will go crying t their teachers.

短文填空:George Ellet had a bright silver dollar for a New-year gift. He thought of all the fine things he might buy with it. So George put on his hat, and ran into the street. went along the street, he met some boys throwing other side of the street. George feared some one would come out of the house and find him. So he ran off as fast as he c done. He said to h “I have no right to spend my silver dollar now. I ought to go back, and pay for the glass I the broken glass.

At last he said, “It was w to break the window, though I did not mean to do it. I will go and pay for it. If it takes ” All over the world people enjoy sports. Sports help to keep people healthy and happy, and to live longer.

阅读表达:Many people like to watch others play games. They buy tickets or turn on their TVs to watch the games. Often they get very excited when “their” player or team wins.

Sports change with the seasons. People play different games in winter and summer. Swimming is fun in warm weather, but skating is good in winter.

Some sports are so interesting that people everywhere go in for them. Football, for example, has spread around the world. Swimming is popular in all countries near the sea or in those with many rivers. 83 What fun it is to jump into a pool or lake, whether in China or Australia! And think of people in cold countries. Think how many people love to skate in Japan or Canada.

84 Some sports or games go back to thousands of years ago, like running or jumping. Chinese wushu, for example, has a very long history. But basketball and volleyball are rather new. Neither one is 120 years old yet. People are inventing new sports or games all the time. Water-skiing is one of the newest in the family of sports.

People from different countries may not be able to understand each other, but after a game together they often become good friends. Sports help to train a person’s character. One learns to fight hard but fight fair, to win without pride and to lose with grace (体面).

(一)根据短文内容简要回答问题。81. In what kind of countries do you think swimming is popular?

82. How long is the history of basketball?


83. 84.

(三)请给短文拟一个适当的标题。85. 2




A) 1.probably 2.impossible 3.surprised 4.except 5.nervous

阅读1-5DDABC 单选:1-5ABADB 6-10BBACB

短文填空:71. looked 72. As 73. joined 74. could 75. because

76. himself 77. down 78. for 79. wrong 80. if

八、阅读表达 81. Swimming is popular in the countries near the sea or in those with many rivers. / The countries near the sea or the countries with many rivers.

82. The history of basketball is less than 120 years.

83. 无论是在中国还是澳大利亚,跳到池塘或湖中游泳是多么有乐趣啊!

84. 有些运动或比赛可以追溯到几千年以前,像是跑或者跳。

/ 像跑、跳这样的运动或比赛,已经有几千年的历史了。

85. Sports / Sports and games


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