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Skype面试注意 Can you see me or hear my voice? Good after noon , Prof. xx

1,听不清I am sorry, the internet connection is not so good, can you please say it again? 听不懂I do not quite understand your question, can you please restate it in another way

结束前 It is my pleasure to talk to you today

猜他说话的意思do you mean我可以提问的问题Sometimes it was on about 12 o’clock that I still could receive your e-mail. I have a question that how many hours do you work a day? I also want to know the staff of the laboratory.

2,自我介绍: I am glad to be here for this interview. Now let’s me have a try to introduce myself. Firstly, I will tell you some main learning experiences. From September 2009 to June 2013, I was an undergraduate student in Anhui University of science and technology. Frankly speaking, my study performance was pretty terrible in that period duo to no interests in studies and more love in start-up. It was in that hard time that I regretted wasting time and made a decision for me to challenge myself. Fortunately, thanks to unremitting efforts in senior, I passed the postgraduate qualifying examination and entered to the China University of Geosciences in 2013. By the way, I choose a Japanese course in college.

During my master’s learning, I try my best to get a score in the usual test, do lots of experiment, design utility patents, publish papers, write programs and so on because I had a dream to study abroad in my childhood. I have carefully studied the courses, such as Elastic and Plastic Mechanics, Rock and Soil Testing Techniques, The Technology of Numerical Simulation, which provided a solid foundation for future learning.

In other ways, I am the Chairman of the group students and scholars association in China University of geosciences. I acquired some experiences of management and communication. My favourite sports are football and basketball. Even though he was very busy, I would go to play football in Every Saturday afternoon. If i can go to Kyoto university , I may keep this habit. This is my simple introduction, thank you.


On the one hand, Kyoto University is one of most famous and oldest university in Japan. It is known as the cradle of scientists. There are 10 Nobel award winners from Kyoto University. It is beautiful and high-level academic university so that I cannot wait to go. On the other hand, I am pretty keen on Japanese anime. I once saw Naruto, slam dunk . Besides, there are different kinds of beautiful sceneries in Japan. I know the Fuji and Cherry blossoms. I am looking forward going to Kyoto University to further know Japanese landscape and culture

The reason why I first choose prof.xxis because one of my main research interests is on rock mechanics in my master study. So I did not hesitate to send an e-mail to prof. xx. Later, I keep communication with you by e-mail.


If luckily I get the chance to learn in Kyoto University, I will be the first to improve the language and professional ability by some courses, then I will spend a lot of time in the experimental study, the plan of setting up, result analysis by discussing with professor reading literature. Finally, I will carefully to complete the PhD thesis, write papers and patents I would be likely to a teacher in a college or an engineer in a company after graduation. I hope I can help people who need help through my own efforts.


In terms of project that I did in my master, the most important study project was on the shear characteristics and the micro fracture mechanism of bedding planes between two different rock types, it also included assessment of Geological disasters and Precipitation Scheme. Now I will briefly introduce the most important research, Inter formational sliding of bedding planes between two different rock types in Badong formation is an important reason that leads to the rock mass failure of this formation. Bedding planes between silty mudstone and marlite in Badong formation are selected as the research object. Based on direct shear test, Analyzing micro damage of bedding planes between two different rock types are associated with surface morphology, normal stress and the wall rock combination by Rock similar material and numerical simulation respectively.

What impressed me most was that I corrected my first paper. From the beginning of writing to summiting the paper, I had a total of more than 30 times to modify the paper. That was a hard time and also a memorable experience for me.

From then on, some papers, patents, software copyrights were published one after another. In addition, I as the team leaders won the third prize in the National Mathematical Modeling Contest.

If you are into some patents, I can sent some design drawings to you


My parents are both civil servants and support me to go abroad to study. By the way, I have a better chance to successful apply for the CSC scholarship due to my research results. Even the applications were not successful, I should go to Kyoto university at my own expense by my parents.


I have visited homepage of your laboratory in Tokyo Institute of Technology and downloaded some papers that you have published. Because of the limited time, I read the title of shear strength and breakage of disturbed snail fossils adjacent to the preservation zone in mae moh coal mine. There are some similarities between your study and mine. I don't really know the snail fossil. Though description in your paper, I find it is different from rock. Otherwise, I think I can use PFC2d software to simulate the direct simple shear test. I hope I can further communicate with your in Kyoto University.


I think my main advantage is hardworking and hobbies wide. However, I am prone to become arrogant, this is my fatal defect.

第二篇:美国大学面试 4600字






通过面试,学校才有机会接触到真正的你。对于招生官来说,所有的申请材料都是在纸上和网上完成的,他们不仅在面试中可以看到你在现实生活中是个什么样的人,还可以借此机会核对申请材料的真实性。 常见的面试方式





1. Tell me about yourself.(请介绍你自己)




2. Why are you interested in our college? (为什么你对我们学校感兴趣?)


3. Why do you want to major in XX?(你为什么要学XX专业?)

首先要明白在申请美国大学的时候,学生是可以选择不定专业的,这也不会影响到面试。但是假如在申请的时候确定你想学的专业的话,在答复这个题目的时候会更加明确。同选校题一样,在面试之前也需要上学校官网查看有关这个专业的介绍以及优势等。而且一定不要说我希望学这个专业是因为想以后可以挣很多钱或者好找工作。假如你确实之前没有考虑过要学什么专业,那么在回答时一定要诚实,你可以表明你的专业意向,比如往哪个领域靠拢。你也可以直接表明我不知道我要学什么专业,但是我喜好和人打交道。所以我希望大学可以学习与之相关的课程比如社会学,心理学等。比如:I really don‘t know what I will be doing, but I know I want to work with people. In college I’m interested in taking classes in sociology and psychology. 总之,不管你有没有确定的专业,在答复这个题目的时候一定要延伸到本身对某个领域的爱好,要让面试官知道你对未来是有认真思考过的,不能只表明因为喜欢所以选择,或者直接表示不知道。请对比下面两种答案。

4. What do you do in your free time? (你的业余生活是怎么度过的?)


5. What will you contribute to our campus community? (你能给我们学校带来什么?)



6. What do you hope to do after graduation? (毕业以后你想做什么?)



1. Who in your life has most influenced you? (你的一生中,对你影响最深的人是谁?) 这个题目无论是在面试还是在文书写作中都是会碰到的。也有一些雷同的题目,比如你的偶像是谁?你最喜好的小说大概小说人物是谁? 你必须提前了解你所崇拜的人,大概是什么样的人,重点是你为什么崇拜他/她。在答复这个题目的时间,不建议回答崇拜那些个人主义比较强的人,这样会显得你很自私,并且独断独行,而美国大学希望他们的学生是有团队精力的。也不建议你说崇拜一些在政治上有杰出成绩的人,比如甘地,如林肯等,因为这些人不会对你平时的学生生活,课外活动以及你的人际关系有非常深刻的影响。建议你所选择的人可以是你的家庭成员之一,你的老师,你的朋友,你的教练或者是和你一起参加社区活动的成员。

2. Tell me about a challenge that you overcame.(请告诉我你曾经面对过的挑战和困难) 这个题目,面试官是想了解学生解决问题的能力。当你面对挑战和困难的时候,你是怎么克服和处理的的,学校希望它所录取的学生是自己解决问题的能力的。回答这个题目的关键在于是什么样的挑战:可以是学术上的;可以是生活上的,你是否有碰到很难相处的同事或同学;可以是自己家的困难,你是否曾经失去过最爱的人;也可以是道德上的。

3. Recommend a good book to me. (请推荐一本书给我)



4. What do you want to know about our college? (对于我们学校你想了解什么?)

以下问题需要避免:申请截止日期是什么时间?你们学校一共提供多少专业? 这些信息在学校网站上都是可以查询到得,所提题目千万不要是学校网站已经有的。你可以提的题目可以是:你们学校的毕业生觉得在学校四年学习中最有意义的事情是什么?我了解到你们学校有一门跨学科研究的专业,是否可以报告我一些更具体的学习环境? 建议学生都要抓住这次机会来提问,一可以得到官方回答,二让招生官看出你确实对这个学校感兴趣。


1. 一定要在面试之前做好充足的准备工作,比如猜测面试官会问的问题,针对性地查找资料,不断练习,练习,再练习。


2. 面试是个互动的环节,也就是说,面试的场面是你和招生官间的互动控制的,而不是招生官本人。招生官不是在考察你,而是想更进一步了解你到底适不适合他们学校。不要表现得像参加托福/雅思口语考试的考生一样(紧张,怯场),你一定要有自己的气场。

3. 在面试过程中一定要充满热情以及专注于聊天的内容,表现出你对这个学校的热爱和认真。避免心不在焉,不耐烦,人在曹营心在汉等负面形象。

4. 避免不尊重人的动作,比如;抖腿,摇晃,不停看时间等。

5. 回答问题时一定要体现出你是一个善于思考的人,证明你的每一句话都是经过思考后说出来的。比如回答技巧中提到的不要只说客套话,一定要有事例证明。

6. 展现一个真实的你,而不是编造一个你以为招生官可能喜欢的人物。

7. 不要过分强调你以前的成就。招生官更在意的是你以后可以做什么,如果录取你,你可以为学校带来什么。

8. 至始至终保持自信,不能因为前面回答的不满意而影响了后面的发挥。



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