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Intouduce yourself

I am a graduated student in RIPP! My major is Chemical Technology. I am very interested in research. During the graduated study,my academic records was good among the whole class. And I was granted Excellent student Prise. In the time of my experiment, I searched and read many literatures which included many English ones. So my translating ablity was much improved. When I do experiments, more observation and thinking is my follwing rule. Thorugh expernments I gain good hands-on ability and language expression ability.

My undergraduate study was in Chongqing university. My major was chemical engineering and technology. I stdied hard and was awarded comprehensive school scholarship every year. And I participated in grou of shool’s subject,and through this experience, I was inspired by research. So I decided to further my study in graduated shool!

I am positive and optimistic .I'm really organized, punctual ,hard working and get along well with others.

In my spare time,I like reading books, making handicrafs, sports and music。

What’s your strong suit? What are your three greatest strengths?

Long distant-Running. My stamina is excellent.

Hard working, communicative and responsible

What are your three greatest weaknesses?

Impatient, pay very much attention to details.

Why are you interested in working for our company?

Because Ripp is the leading position of chemical research institute,it has advanced instruments and many excellent talents.

Who is your favourite person?

My mother, Because she teaches me how to become a good and strong person, she plays a very important role in my life!

My hometown is jiangxi province. It is a very beautiful place. And people there are very kind and they like spicy food. lushan and Jinggangshan are two good places for tour. And welomce to my hometown.

Whate do you think if give you a chance to abroad?

I will be very happy, because it is a good opportunity to improve myself .When I come back I can creat more value to ripp!

What course did you like best?

I like orgnic chemistry,because I think the mechanism is very intresting.

Do you feel that you have received a good general training?

Yes,in my experiments ,my hands-do abilty and language expression are much improved.

What do you think you are worth to us?(

I feel I can make some positive contributions to your company in the future

What make you think you would be a success in this position?

My graduate school training should qualify me for this particular job. I am sure I will be successful

Are you a multi-tasked individual?(Do you work well under stress or pressure?(

The trait is needed in my current(or previous) position and I know I can handle it well.

What is your strongest trait(s)?(你个性上最大的特点是什么?)

A:Helpfulness and caring.(乐于助人和关心他人。)

A:Adaptability and sense of humor.(适应能力和幽默感。)

A:Cheerfulness and friendliness.(乐观和友爱。)

How would your friends or colleagues describe you?(你的朋友或同事怎样形容你?) A: (pause a few seconds) (稍等几秒钟再答,表示慎重考虑。)

They say Mr. Chen is an honest, hardworking and responsible man who deeply cares for his family and friends. (他们说陈先生是位诚实、工作努力,负责任的人,他对家庭和朋友都很关心。)

What personality traits do you admire?(你欣赏哪种性格的人?)

A: (I admire a person who is)honest, flexible and easy-going. (诚实、不死板而且容易相处的人。)

A: (I like) people who possess the "can do" spirit. (有"实际行动"的人。) Q:What leadership qualities did you develop as an administrative personnel?(作为行政人员,你有什么样的领导才能?)

A:I feel that learning how to motivate people and to work together as a team will be the major goal of my leadership. (我觉得学习如何把人们的积极性调动起来,以及如何配合协同的团队精神,是我行政工作的主要目标。)

A:I have refined my management style by using an open-door policy. (我以开放式的政策,改进我的行政管理方式。)

Q:How do you normally handle criticism?(你通常如何处理別人的批评?) A:Silence is golden. Just don't say anything; otherwise the situation could become worse. I do, however, accept constructive criticism. (沈默是金。不必说什么,否则情况


A:When we cool off, we will discuss it later. (我会等大家冷靜下来再讨论。) Q: What do you find frustrating in a work situation?(在工作中,什么事令你不高兴?)A: Sometimes, the narrow-minded people make me frustrated. (胸襟狭窄的人,有时使我泄气。)

A:Minds that are not receptive to new ideas. (不能接受新思想的那些取。) Q:How do you handle your conflict with your colleagues in your work? (你如何处理与同事在工作中的意见不和?)

A:I will try to present my ideas in a more clear and civilized manner in order to get my points across. (我要以更清楚文明的方式,提出我的看法,使对方了解我的观点。)

Q:How do you handle your failure?(你怎样对待自己的失敗?)

A: None of us was born "perfect". I am sure I will be given a second chance to correct my mistake. (我们大家生来都不是十全十美的,我相信我有第二个机会改正我的错误。)

Q:What provide you with a sense of accomplishment. (什么会让你有成就感?) A:Doing my best job for your company. (为贵公司竭力效劳。)

A:Finishing a project to the best of my ability. (尽我所能,完成一个项目。) Q:If you had a lot of money to donate, where would you donate it to?Why?(假如你有很多钱可以捐赠,你会捐给什么单位?为什么?)

A:I would donate it to the medical research because I want to do something to help others. (我会捐给医药研究,因为我要为他人做点事。)

A:I prefer to donate it to educational institutions. (我乐意捐给教育机构。) Q:What is most important in your life right now?(眼下你生活中最重要的是什么?)

A:To get a job in my field is most important to me. (对我来说,能在这个领域找到工作是最重要的。)

A:To secure employment hopefully with your company. (希望能在贵公司任职对我来说最重要。)

Q:What current issues concern you the most?(目前什么事是你最关心的?) A:The general state of our economy and the impact of China' entry to WTO on our industry. (目前中国经济的总体情況以及中国入世对我们行业的影响。)

Q: How long would you like to stay with this company?(你会在本公司服务多久呢?)

A: I will stay as long as I can continue to learn and to grow in my field. (只要我能在我的行业力继续学习和长进,我就会留在这里。)

Q:Could you project what you would like to be doing five years from now?(你能预料五年后你会做什么吗?)

A:As I have some administrative experience in my last job, I may use my organizational and planning skills in the future.


A:I hope to demonstrate my ability and talents in my field adequately. (我希望能充分展示我在这个行业的能力和智慧。)

A:Perhaps, an opportunity at a management position would be exciting.(也许有机会,我将会从事管理工作。)


It would be premature for me to predict this. (现在对此问题的预测,尚嫌过早。) 甚至还可以打趣的说:

Hypothetically speaking, I might be able to do your current job as a director.(或 CEO 或 president)((说不定,我也能做你现在主任的工作呢!)

Q: What range of pay-scale are you interested in?(你喜欢那一种薪水层次标准?)

A: Money is important, but the responsibility that goes along with this job is what interests me the most. (薪水固然重要,但这工作伴随而来的责任更吸引我。) A: 假如你有家眷,可以说:

To be frank and open with you, I like this job, but I have a family to support. (坦白地说,我喜欢这份工作,不过我必须要负担我的家庭。)

Other Tips (其它建议)

Know something about the organization you are applying to. (了解一些你申请工作单位的情况)

Dress properly. Don't shake hand with the interviewer until he/she extends his/her hand. (穿着要得体,人家伸手时才握手。)

Don't sit down until invited to do so by the interviewer. (人家未请,先別坐下。) Make eye-contact with the interviewer during the interview. (面试时,眼睛要看着对方。)

Listen actively and stay calm. (注意听,保持冷静。)

If invited to a meal, be especially careful about your table manners. (被邀吃饭时,要特別注意餐桌礼节。)

Don't talk with your mouth full. (嘴里有食物,不可开口说话)

Don't make much noise while you eat. (吃东西不要出声音)

Don't blow your nose or use the toothpick at table. (不要拧鼻涕或用牙签剔牙) Don't appear to be pushy or overly anxious to get a job.(不必过分表现急着要工作)

Be honest but not too modest.(要诚实,但不必太谦虚)

Don't put yourself down or cut yourself up. (不可妄自菲薄或自贬)

Try to avoid discussing politics or religion with your interviewer. (避免与面试人谈政治或宗教)

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