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Friends is a story in which six of typical young people live a common life. They are Ross, Phoebe, Chandler, Monica, Joey, Rachel. They have many conflicts in terms of emotion, principles, interest, and social status. Meanwhile, the friendship and love are promoted to a new level. This story actually mirrors our daily life and routines. It also stimulates us to think about how to live a better life and appreciate the beauty of life. Some tips I gained from this story are as follow:

1. Pursuing love and it is difficult to love a person

Any popular TV serials are all like a small Utopia that not only reflects the reality but are faraway form reality. In this story, the emotion between six people attracts much audience. Their behaviour demonstrate young people’s pure attitude towards love. For instance, for ten years the story between the key couple Ross and Rachel moved the hearts of thousands of audience. the love and experience between them bear a remarkable resemblance to common people’s life. Two common persons fell in love after various kinds of arduous tests. Like two children walking on the road, they once tumbled and cried and in the end hold his or her hand to stride forward in life.

2. Cherishing affection among family members and respecting decisions made by parents

Every family has its own problems. It is in the case of the family of six young people. For instance the parents of Ross and Monica are very

partial. They take great pride in Ross and pay little attention to Monica. After all, however, parents are parents. One must have deep affection toward his or her parents. Of course, six young people do love their parents.

3. Cherishing friendship and trusting friends

Friendship is difficult to establish and easy to destroy. The phenomenon happened to the six friends.Ross sometimes declares a dissertation like a sealed book. Chandler is an expert in making jokes. Monica’s cleanliness and emulation is unbearable. What’s worse is Phoebe’s voice. She loves singing but no one can afford to listen to. Nevertheless, we can learn a lot from them. The solid friendship among them doesn’t just result from the demand of plots. The real reason is they know the greatest principles of friendship: trust, tolerance and support. They trust each other and tolerant others’ shortcoming and mistakes, what’s more, they support each other to do what he or she likes to do.

4. Positive attitude toward life and no abuse

The reason why Friends has become a hit among young people lies in their positive attitude toward life. Many people think their way of thinking is very simple and don’t have any corrupt practice. They have strong sense of humour and often make a mistake. However none of them have conspired to harm others. Most jokes in the serial are almost their innocence and exaggerated performance. Another point is that they don’t

have any corrupt practice. Sometimes they drink a little to make a special atmosphere. Although they support each other, they may quarrel with others about trifling things. At last, however, they embrace each other and reconcile, saying: “I love you”. Sometime you may feel that they are the most qualified citizens.

The most impressive things at the first sight at the serial may are their funny and wise dialogues. You may perceive the free mind and unique way of thinking behind the American culture. Enjoying the fun in the language, you are definitely moved by their friendship and love. The long Ten years’ “Friends” is miracle in the history of American TV.

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