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1:About name and age (姓名和年龄)

My name is **; I have an alias ['eili?s] lele. My classmates and friends like to call me lele. I was born in April 24, 1989 and I’m 23 years old.


2:About education background(教育背景)

I am from Luoyang Normal University and I will get a Bachelor’s['b?t??l?] degree next year. I majored['meid??] in Software Engineering[end?i'ni?ri?].


I took more than 10 curricula(curriculum?'rikjul?m]的复数形式。课程(学校或专业的)全部课程;(大学等的必修课)) at

school, including C language, C++ language,C# language java language, and so on. Among those courses, Java language interests me most, because I found it not only interesting but also useful .And this is also the reason why I would like to come to Wuxi and take part in java language training at IBMETP .Besides that, I minored

['main?] in some other subjects at university such as English and history.


3:About Training Experiences(培训经历)

It has been four months since I came here and took this training course. During this period, I gained a lot, not only physically



At there, my teacher and my classmates treat me very well. We cooperated?u'?p?reit] harmoniouslyɑ:'m?unj?s] and respected each other.(在这里我的老师和我的同学都对我很好,我们相处很和谐,相互尊重对方。)

At there I also have learned how to behave myself as a qualified employee and some skills about how to get along with people of different personalities.


In brief, I’ve learned from my training experiences that sometimes the working situation may become pretty tense.

For example, people may get impatient because deadlines are always there. This sometimes causes people get upset or says something they usually wouldn’t say. When this happens, I just let it go and keep working because I know things will eventually calm down.


As far as I am concerned, a computer programmer should have the spirit of teamwork and an active imagination. He should be talented ['t?l?ntid] in creation and be sensitive to the changes in the IT market.


3:About Hobbies(兴趣爱好)

I have some other special interests other than my studying. Outdoor sports are my special interest. Because they help me build a good shape and cost little. And I played badmintondmint?n] every afternoon there.


Besides outdoor sports, I’m also fond of reading. When I found a novel moving, I would just wish I could finish it at one sitting. And I like music because they make me feel serene [si'ri:n]. (除了户外运动,我也喜欢阅读。当我觉得一本小说很动人时,我恨不得一口气把它读完。我也喜欢听音乐,因为音乐能使我平静。)

4:About ambitions and aspirations【aspiration [,?sp?'rei??n]渴望抱负。Aspirations愿望】 (理想和抱负)

I am a person who has expectations[ekspek'tei??n] for the future. My career goal【[ɡ?ul]目标】 is to work for

increasingly prospering【['pr?sp?ri?]】 firms and takes on more challenging assignments.


As you know, this is an IT company and I major in this field. So, I’d practice what I have learnt in university and do more contribution to the company.


The most important thing for me now is to do the best possible job for the company and improve myself through working. I truly believe this industry is very promising['pr?misi?] and will develop rapidly in five year’s time.


If I am employed, first of all, I’ll get more information about our goals, ways, counterparts【counterpart 副本;配对物;极相似的人和物['kaunt?,pɑ:t]】 and management【['m?nid?m?nt]经营,管理】, etc. Then I will make a long term plan and update my knowledge and skill according to the company’s request. I’ll try my best.


5:About skills and Technical Qualification(技能和资格) I have studied for four years in the University and it has given me a solid theory【['θi?ri; 'θi:?-] n理论原理】 foundation. Moreover, I have trained here

for 4 months and get a lot of practical【['pr?ktik?l];实际的,实用性的】 experience.


I have the qualification and experience that you

required. For example, I have 4 months’ experience while serving the university student union as president. (我具备了你们所要求的能力和工作经验。比如,我有四个月的程序设计经验,而且我又有领导才能,在大学担任过学生会的主席工作。) I am adept【['?dept; ?'dept] 熟练的,有技能的,精通的,内行的,擅长的】 at windows. I am also familiar with word. (我能熟练使用windows,并且,我对word也比较熟悉)

6:About outstanding achievements (杰出的工作业绩)

I was president of the Student Union of our university. And I got the university scholarship in the 2009. And I was elected【[i'lektid]vt.选举;推选】 an excellent communist?mjunist].


At there I have learned how to embrace myself with teamwork spirit and to be patient and industrious

[in'd?stri?s](勤劳的,刻苦的) towards my assignments.


And when I was at the training base, I made my

contribution as part of that team and learned a lot in that process. I had finished two new projects, and I am sure I can apply my experience to this position. (作为小组的一员我做出了不少贡献,也从中学到很多。我完成了两个新项目,我相信我能够将我的经验用在这份工作上。)

I like to have a new challenge and I have been ready for it. I think that if I want to take the next step in my career, it’s time for me to move on.


7:About ways to contact you(联系方式)

I’d like to know if there would be any future opportunities for specific training.


Well, no, I can’t seem to think of any other questions for the time being.


You are welcome. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule['??dju:?l] to interview me.

(不客气。我也非常感谢您在百忙之中抽出时间来对我进行面试。) I do hope that the answer will be favorable. (我真希望您的答复对我有利。)

8:About opening remarks(开场白)

I’ve come here to apply for the position of your computer programmer in your company.


I feel I’m ready for a more challenging position. 我觉得我有能力承担更具挑战性的工作

9:About reasons for application (申请本工作的理由)

Many factors led me to major in computer programming. The most important one is I like programming very much. 有许多因素导致我选择了电脑程序设计这个专业,但最重要的一个因素是我非常喜欢程序设计

Well, I know that your company is planning to expand in china and the rest of Asia['ei??]. So I think it’s an exciting time for you and I think I could play a small part helping you grow. Besides, I think working in your company would give me the best chance to use what I’ve learned in the university. As you may know from my resume

[ri'zju: m; -'zu: m], I majored in computer programming at the university. I’ve cherished['t?eri?](真爱,怀抱) a desire to get a job where I can apply my knowledge. Thant’s why I have applied.


I know. That’s why I want to join the team. I think I can make a positive contribution.

我知道这就是我想加入你们团队的原因,我相信自己可以有所贡献。 10:About your personality 个性介绍

I am always energetic and enthusiastic. That’s my strongest personality.


They always say male is an honest, hardworking and responsible person who deeply cares for her family and friends.


I wouldn’t call myself introverted. Sometimes I enjoy being by myself very much. But other times I like starting activities with my friends, too.


What personality traits do you admire?

I admire a person who is honest, flexible and easy-going.



I think I am too impatient at times. When I set a goal for myself, I know there will be obstacles along the way. But I sometimes feel impatient and frustrated when I can’t reach the goal according to my schedule. 我有时会过于性急。我给自己定下目标时,我知道要达到它一定有困难。但是,在我不能按期达到我的目标时,我会急躁和沮丧。 How do you naturally handle criticism?

Silence is golden. Just don’t say anything; otherwise the situation could become worse. I do, however, accept constructive criticism.




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