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Shining Friends

Besides your family and your relatives, who will help you without any paid? Who will inspire you when you are disappointed? Who will always beside you when you are impecunious? Who will remind you of continuing hard work when you get dizzy with success? The answer is apparent: real friends. Life with a bosom friend is sufficient. I do really agree with this saying after I watch the movie The King’s Speech. The King’s Speech is a biopic about how King George VI, the father of Queen Elizabeth II, overcame his stuttering problem with the help of a little-known Australian speech therapist named Lionel Logue. Bertie, King George VI, is a fatherly, responsible but self-abased and irritable prince. Lionel, an Australian

speech therapist out of professor is a calm, wise and affectionate old man. When the two men of different character meet because the duchess

recommends Lionel to cure the king’s stuttering interesting things happen. When they first meet, Lionel insists on calling himself Lionel and calling the prince Bertie, which is immediately objected by the prince. But at last, the prince accepts Lionel’s special teaching method and treats him as a friend. This is a movie without an antagonist. The strongest enemy that King George VI must confront and beat is himself. When he is a prince, he is expected too much but he is never too stressful to escape; on the contrary, he is familiar with national affairs and international situation and he cares much about his people than his brother Edward who is expected to get to

throne at first. In his subconsciousness, he wants to be a


good king and be affirmed by his father, but he shrinks because his

stuttering. Lionel absolutely knows his king and endeavors to cure him and encourage him to confront himself. As all of the friends in the world, Lionel and King George VI have quarrels, after which they come together. It is no doubt that King George VI treats Lionel to be his real friend; otherwise he won’t let Lionel call himself Bertie which is the proprietary rights of his family, he won’t leak his miserable childhood to Lionel, he won’t swallow his pride to apologize to Lionel and he won’t insist on Lionel to be his consultant after he knows that Lionel is not a doctor. Lionel treats King George VI to be his friend rather than a king; otherwise he won’t ask for equal and always behaves unhurriedly, he won’t say something poignant to the king for the sake of his friend. A friend in need is a friend indeed. There two themes which move me deeply. One is that after King George V’ death Bertie comes to Lionel’s to pour out his tormented; when he thanks Lionel, Lionel says “what are friends for”. Only real friends will say this because they want to help you but never expect rewards. The other is that when King George VI has only 40 minutes to prepare his speech and he needs his friend Lionel who asks the driver to drive to the palace as fast as possible in spite of the fighter plane’s flying above him. Maybe the best best friend is someone who cares about you more than himself. Their truehearted

friendship reminds me of some lyrics in the song Shining Friends: See my smile, my friendship. We are with you, holding hands, you have got to

believe you are my destiny. We are meant to be your friends. That’s what a friendship should be. I think they are shining friends of each other. 2

The King’s Speech is a biographical movie but not a boring one. Besides the impressive friendship, it also contains many wonderful elements, for

instance, visual performance of its actors like Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter, winding plot, real background and suitable

costumes. The King’s Speech is thought highly by people and it receives 4 awards from Oscar, including best film, best director, best actor and best original screenplay. In my opinion, it is love that accomplish this movie; love between friends, between husband and wife, between father and

daughters, these are the most affecting plots. The King’s Speech presents the background of that time to us, tells us how to confront defects of ourselves and annotates us what bosom friends are. In relief, it definitely lives up to its frame.

第二篇:国王演讲 影评 2000字

评价《国王的演讲》用一个字也许就够了——“好”!典型英国历史剧情片的优雅与严谨,典型的导演汤姆·霍伯的水准之作,典型的科林·费斯、杰弗里·拉什、海伦娜·邦汉·卡特的精湛演技,真的还需要多更多的溢美之词吗?以今年奥斯卡的形势来看,科林·费斯的影帝十拿九稳,另两位在最佳男女配角方面虽然不是头号种子选手,但二号种子的地位保留了一定的胜算。非要鸡蛋里头挑骨头的话,我只能说本片的好得没有惊喜感,可以成为一时话题,但恐怕难以永久被人记起。 《国王的演讲》的题材和主创班底在开拍前就已经注定这会是一部成功之作。关于英国皇室严肃题材影视剧,往往能收获良好口碑、获得各种奖项的青睐,从《伊丽莎白》到《女王》皆是如此,即便口碑稍差的《伊丽莎白2:黄金时代》,也能在奥斯卡上捞个最佳服装设计奖撑撑门面。而《国王的演讲》凭借本身精良的水准,再接上人们心中对《女王》未散的好印象,在本届奥斯卡最佳影片上成为大热门《社交网络》最有力的竞争者,也就不足为怪了。 此外,有导演汤姆·霍伯掌舵,就相当于给影片打上了“佳作”的标签。因为汤姆·霍伯十分擅于拍摄这种大人物的历史题材电影,之前给HBO拍的《伊丽莎白一世》(非凯特·布兰切特主演的那部电影,而是海伦·米伦主演的电视电影)和《约翰·亚当斯》(迷你剧),都在大获好评之余拿奖拿到手软。此次执导《国王的演讲》,虽说是正牌电影,但从制作规模和格局而言并不比之前提到的两部大多少,甚至更像电视电影一些,演员阵容也只强不弱,导演不存在什么创造上难点和障碍,出精品自然不是什么难事了。 科林·费斯评价《国王的演讲》用一个字也许就够了——“好”!典型英国历史剧情片的优雅与严谨,典型的导演汤姆·霍伯的水准之作,典型的科林·费斯、杰弗里·拉什、海伦娜·邦汉·卡特的精湛演技,真的还需要多更多的溢美之词吗?以今年奥斯卡的形势来看,科林·费斯的影帝十拿九稳,另两位在最佳男女配角方面虽然不是头号种子选手,但二号种子的地位保留了一定的胜算。非要鸡蛋里头挑骨头的话,我只能说本片的好得没有惊喜感,可以成为一时话题,但恐怕难以永久被人记起。 《国王的演讲》的题材和主创班底在开拍前就已经注定这会是一部成功之作。关于英国皇室严肃题材影视剧,往往能收获良好口碑、获得各种奖项的青睐,从《伊丽莎白》到《女王》皆是如此,即便口碑稍差的《伊丽莎白2:黄金时代》,也能在奥斯卡上捞个最佳服装设计奖撑撑门面。而《国王的演讲》凭借本身

精良的水准,再接上人们心中对《女王》未散的好印象,在本届奥斯卡最佳影片上成为大热门《社交网络》最有力的竞争者,也就不足为怪了。 此外,有导演汤姆·霍伯掌舵,就相当于给影片打上了“佳作”的标签。因为汤姆·霍伯十分擅于拍摄这种大人物的历史题材电影,之前给HBO拍的《伊丽莎白一世》(非凯特·布兰切特主演的那部电影,而是海伦·米伦主演的电视电影)和《约翰·亚当斯》(迷你剧),都在大获好评之余拿奖拿到手软。此次执导《国王的演讲》,虽说是正牌电影,但从制作规模和格局而言并不比之前提到的两部大多少,甚至更像电视电影一些,演员阵容也只强不弱,导演不存在什么创造上难点和障碍,出精品自然不是什么难事了。汤姆·霍伯对影片节奏和层次感的把握极为精准,对主人公乔治六世的刻画也十分生动鲜活,对布景、服装、道具、灯光、镜头感的精雕细琢更是尽展其完美主义倾向。全片都伴随着悠扬的旋律,笼罩在优雅的氛围和格调中,叙事不急不徐,条理分明,标准的英国电影范儿。乔治五世如何一步步地走出口吃阴影更是被表现得层次分明,导演没有简单地停留在治疗口吃的方法论上,而是从一开始就深入国王内心,告诉观众心结才是口吃的真正原因,物理治疗只是辅助,心理治疗才是根治口吃的关键所在,而罗格医生恰恰是敏锐地洞悉了这一点,才最终治好了其他医生无能为力的顽疾。 所以,导演在设计剧情时,在国王同罗格医生的对手戏上格外下功夫,不仅有罗格医生许多超常的治疗方法的展现,更注重表现国王对他从毫不信任到引为知己的逐步转变,而这种转变又恰好通过一次次的诊疗交谈表现出来,每一次诊疗的时机都设计得恰到好处。第一次见面是在国王在皇家博览会的公开演讲失败之后,国王对医生不卑不亢的态度和新奇的治疗方法大为反感;第二次见面,则是国王在受到父王训斥之后,想听录音发泄,结果却听到了自己流畅的朗诵,然后开始认真地跟医生进行各种练习;第三次是父王病逝之后,国王对医生彻底敞开心扉,“不谈私事”的他坦诚了口吃的心理成因;第四次则是参加完王兄和辛普森夫人举行的派队之后,不愿面对自己有可能即位成为国王的他与医生彻底闹翻;第五次则是国王登基之后吗,把第一次见面时打赌输的钱交给医生,暗示医生 杰弗里·拉什已经得到自己全部的信任。不难看出,国王和医生诊疗互动的过程完全同历史事件、国王人生以及思想的重大转变有机结合在了一起,不仅让人看到国王战胜口吃的惊人毅力,同时也让人看到他实现国王身份的心


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