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Horse general


There is no doubt that "great expectations" is about horse at the story. His first dream and dream of all kinds of disillusionment last experience makes horse for a real growth at the good man. Horse general experience change of

character for the theme of the novel plays an important role. Through the horse general from a naive children degenerated into a proud snobbish gentleman, and from confession down to turn over a new leaf, dickens attempt to explain the unrealistic illusion can lead to bad conduct. In the beginning of the novel, horse general be described a no malice; To help the child. Although he was only satisfies in himself is very common life, but gets the readers of great

compassion. Unfortunately, since the horse for his life at that some unrealistic illusion and looking forward to the future, the excellent quality are those bad conduct replaced. When he first visited gaza Atlantis plantations, to think that had a good education, Confucianism elegant noble ai silk Della very despised horse general, and he is above this village people. And at horse to ai silk Della is love at first sight. Only in gaza, Atlantis manor stay all afternoon, horse

general is initiation desire to become ai silk Della acceptable to the people, so as to change the ai to wire Della callous attitude. The result is when he got back to the blacksmith shop at horse started for his life and social status of reality feel ashamed, because it is these factors at horse believe will cost ai silk Della in love with his own any hope.

Later, when a lawyer, told JiaGe horse general "great expectations" will come his head, horse general began to believe that HaoWeiXiang will put the ai silk Della to marry his. Almost at once, in the heart of egoism at horse began to extreme to expand and arrogant, look down upon those common but also loyalty, good friends. When the arrogance and ungrateful horse general

continue to believe is HaoWeiXiang chose him as her property heir, and hope will ai silk Della marry him, he was still for her past life feel ashamed, rejection. Once, horse general received Joe letter, said Joe will come to see him in London. When the horse general get this news ·, he is also not happy. Horse general so devoted to win the ai silk Della heart, so that he three days

HaoWeiXiang visit two head, but never go to the forge seen. Because those unrealistic illusion at horse, his view of life has with the past is very different, and so many negative attitude that out and character. For years, horse general always believe that their and ai silk Della will get married, but when the horse that at last behind the scenes of sponsors is magwitch was taken to, not

HaoWeiXiang, his dream gradually snuffed out. He nature kind of simple side and started to overcome those who get all sorts of bad conduct. In the truth to light, not because HaoWeiXiang miss at horse with their life huge unfortunately her resentment. Instead, when miss HaoWeiXiang offers at sum of money as a horse compensation, horse general refused, and put forward the hope HaoWeiXiang funding Herbert miss business. Later, when the horse again

miss HaoWeiXiang visit Southampton, found her to sit too close from the stove, wearing a piece of old wedding dress has caught on fire and he was risking your life to save HaoWeiXiang. The advantages of the horse general is also manifest in the way he treats his sponsors, criminals magwitch was taken to him. When all the truth is, at the reaction is horse was shocked, doubt, even repugnance. But for to magwitch was taken to economic aid, horse to reward shall be at. As the horse universal saves miss HaoWeiXiang, he risked the great danger, overcome a variety of inconvenience to help magwitch was

taken to. Although he failed to and magwitch was taken to escape with British, and magwitch was taken to can not get any property after his death, but his magwitch was taken to care and help did not so shaken. Every horse general visits magwitch was taken to, and try our best to give comfort. Because at

horse care, magwitch was taken to the last days were calm and serene. As the horse to the attitude of the doppler magwitch was taken to gradually ease, he left his past life will no longer feel ashamed. In magwitch was taken to death, also a serious illness at horse a. After recovery, he learned that Joe in his serious illness came to London during take care of him. During in care, Joe in the horse before the general is still extremely formal, like many years ago to London to see him Joe in the cases. And in Joe's in front, horse general start to feel like has never left the forge. When Joe steal from London back later, horse in just to walk at also returned to the country. The blacksmith shop in Joe, no longer feel shame at horse, no longer arrogant attitude. In the familiar

environment, he felt very satisfied, happy. At the end of the novel, the reader may find that the fate of general horse is acceptable, but also is pleasant. In order to pursue the unrealistic so-called great expectations, horse general had a simple good by the child becomes a proud ruthless snob. But, when all these unrealistic dreams and looking forward to fail after, horse at bad conduct also had overcome, become a kind man. At the sad commentary from horse

experience we can see that, true intention is to dickens readers reveal: horse general, like David Copperfield, is an "ordinary people".

Ai silk Della

Are generally considered to be the creation of dickens first convincing women, ai silk Della is a an irony role. She destroyed people for romantic love idea, is deep into the class of the spicy social criticism. Ai silk Della three years old HaoWeiXiang was miss adoption, and are trained to be tortured man, let all men broken tools. Ai silk Della in the most practical any cold won the horse to her at the deepest love. And the traditional love novel made the charming, good heroine is different, the ai silk Della cold, cynical, and control to extremely strong. Although Amy silk Della is at the first horse meet the social ideal

woman, in fact--the real silk Della was born at low even than the horse. Come to the end of the novel, at just know Amy horse silk Della is actually vulgar criminals magwitch was taken to own daughter, was born at the bottom of

society. But ironically upper-class life and not delivered ai silk Della, instead, she adopted her two become the victim of the society. She didn't in moral magwitch was taken to nearby grow up, but are HaoWeiXiang young lady brought up. HaoWeiXiang destroyed her to express feelings ability, that she could not normal to communicate with others. Ai silk Della can't marry kind "ordinary people" horse

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第二篇:远大前程英文介绍 3700字

The story is divided into three phases of Pip's life expectations. The first

"expectation" is allotted 19 chapters, and the other two 20 chapters each in the 59-chapter work. In some editions, the chapter numbering reverts to Chapter One in each expectation, but the original publication and most modern editions number the chapters consecutively from one to 59. At the end of chapters 19 and 39, readers are formally notified that they have reached the conclusion of a phase of Pip's expectations.

In the first expectation, Pip lives a humble existence with his ill-tempered older sister and her strong but gentle husband, Joe Gargery. Pip is satisfied with this life and his warm friends until he is hired by an embittered wealthy woman, Miss Havisham, as an occasional companion to her and her beautiful but haughty adopted daughter, Estella. From that time on, Pip aspires to leave behind his simple life and be a gentleman. After years as companion to Miss Havisham and Estella, he spends more years as an apprentice to Joe, so that he may grow up to have a livelihood working as a blacksmith. This life is suddenly turned upside down when he is visited by a London attorney, Mr. Jaggers, who informs Pip that he is to come into the "Great Expectation" of a handsome property and be trained to be a gentleman at the behest of an anonymous benefactor.

The second stage of Pip's expectations has Pip in London, learning the details of being a gentlemen, having tutors, fine clothing, and joining cultured society. Whereas he always engaged in honest labour when he was younger, he now is supported by a generous allowance, which he frequently lives beyond. He learns to fit in this new milieu, and experiences not only friendship but rivalry as he finds himself in the same circles as Estella, who is also pursued by many other men, especially Bentley Drummle, whom she favours. As he adopts the physical and cultural norms of his new status, he also adopts the class attitudes that go with it, and when Joe comes to visit Pip and his friend and roommate Herbert to deliver an important message, Pip is embarrassed to the point of hostility by Joe's unlearned ways, despite his protestations of love and friendship for Joe. At the end of this stage, Pip is introduced to his benefactor, again changing his world.

The third and last stage of Pip's expectations alters Pip's life from the artificially supported world of his upper class strivings and introduces him to realities that he realizes he must deal with, facing moral, physical and financial challenges. He learns startling truths that cast into doubt the values that he once embraced so eagerly, and finds that he cannot regain many of the important things that he had cast aside so carelessly. The current ending of the story is different from Dickens's original intent, in which the ending matched the gloomy reverses to Pip's fortunes that typify the last expectation. Dickens was

prevailed upon to change the ending to one more acceptable to his readers'

tastes in that era, and this "new" ending was the published one and currently accepted as definitive.

Dickens has Pip as the writer and first person narrator of this account of his life's experiences, and the entire story is understood to have been written as a retrospective, rather than as a present tense narrative or a diary or journal. Still, though Pip "knows" how all the events in the story will turn out, he uses only very subtle foreshadowing so that we learn of events only when the Pip in the story does. Pip does, however, use the perspective of the bitter lessons he's learned to comment acidly on various actions and attitudes in his earlier life.

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