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Unit 6

The author describes ways names can make a difference. After changing her name

Debbie into Lynne, a woman is now very successful in her career. Although changing

one’s name does to success, names are indeed very important in

people’s life, because they can And names one to have

new friends.

But sometimes people make the mistake of and

against or in favor of certain names. Such prejudices may affect instructors’ or

examiners’ of students’ classroom achievement, objectively graded IQ,

achievement tests and also student’if your name doesn’t suit you, you can change your name.

1. necessarily 2 qualities. 3 attached. 4. specific 5. positive

6. encourage 7 stereotyping. 8 prejudices. 9 evaluation. 10 popularity

Unit 9

When I was five, father died, leaving mother with nothing but three babies and lots of

her entire life to helping

me develop it. She used to require me to get up early and She often took Uncle Edwin as an example of how far man could get

without much talent. Though very poor, she bought some books to improve my

wage from the job with the Baltimore

Sunwith me and told me to work hard

to make anything of the job. When I was assigned by the Sun to report from the Oval

Office, she warned me against staying content with them. When I was offered The

New York Times, mother’proved to be absolutely

of my professional career winning the Pulitzer Prize,

mother’’s continuous

encouragement helped me succeed in my reporter career. She taught me that one

in life.

1. identified 2 devoted. 3 something. 4. ambitious 5. humiliating

6. sympathize 7. literature 8. summit 9 collapsed. 10 quit

Unit 7

your health. To solve this

problem, you have to learn to take charge of your life and recognize there are many

your control. For those who are “hot reactors”, found alarm or stress chemicals can literally burst heart muscle fibers,

causing crazy heart rhythms.

The main predictors of destructive levels of stress are the FUD factors—fear,

uncertainty and doubt—root of their stress is anger, which either comes from a feeling that everything must be

perfect women) or is caused by a lack in life. The NICE factors—new, interesting, challenging experiences—are recommended to calm in your life and change them if necessary. In order to face all the problems beyond your control, you have to learn how to flow .

1. overwhelming 2 beyond. 3. tense 4 tremendous 5. excess.

6. perceived 7. professional 8. compass 9. priorities 10. flee

Unit 8

to a meaningful life. Interest in some like teaching is on the interest in some profitable courses like business and computer science is on the rise. When people they will come to the realization that education can prepare people for life as well as for a career.

People can do much more to society than just make money. The purpose of right from wrong. The author then on educators to meet students’ demand for a career education and at the same into life.

1. materialistic 2 idealistic. 3 profitable. 4 humanities. 5. decline

6. maturity 7. develop 8 distinguish. 9. calls 10 insight

第二篇:The summary of text 900字

The summary of text This is a story about foreign son-in-law visit my mother-in-law.I brought Rich to dad's birthday party.Before we went to, I and Rich said to praise my mom's cooking after dinner.In the kitchen, I have seen an amazing mother's cooking skills.I tried to let mother filed Rich, and wanted to listen to mother impression of Rich, trying to let mother accept Rich as my husband.My mother and I complained that Rich’s face freckles, and talked with me that I had chicken pox myself when I was a child.Rich brought wine, but only if he likes to drink, we just have a taste.The worst is that Rich criticized my mother's cooking, in the habit of the Chinese chef will criticize their own cooking is poor, but we

need to praise after taste.But the Rich did not know this custom. Directly expressed his ideas about the dishes.I think it was a mess, but Rich thought that he got along very well with my mom.

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