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Study Plan My name is ***. I am a senior student at***, and I will graduate in June this year. My major is accounting. After four years of study, I realized that an Accounting Bachelor’s Degree is not enough for me. I do not want to do the repeating and unchallenging work through my career life. Instead, I want to run my own company. Therefore, I have decided to go to the U.S. and look out for a new challenge. After achieving a Master’s degree in business administration, I will come back to China and start my own company.

I choose the U.S. as a place to continue my study because America is a developed country with advanced technologies. Being one of the most powerful countries in the world, America depends not only on technologies, but also the methods regarding how to do things, such as international business trading and the communications with other countries. These reasons are my greatest motivators.

It was an honor for me to receive the conditional letter from ***. It was founded in 1891 and located in La Verne, California. It is about fifty-five kilometers from the east of Los Angeles and the climate is comfortable. The scenery there is very beautiful and the learning environment is excellent. I will be an MBA candidate in the college of business and public management. At present, nine concentrations are available in the MBA programs: Accounting, Finance, Information Technology, International Technology, International Business, Management& Leadership, Marketing, Supply Cain Management, Health Services Management and Managed Care. I’ve chosen Accounting. There are six foundation courses, eight required core courses and three elective courses I must take.

After graduation, I intend to return to home and start my career. First, I will take a job in accounting or management in order to acquire some work experience. I think it is won’t be difficult to find a job in China by holding a U.S. Master's degree, because China is a developing country and there will be many opportunities. I believe that with the educational background from the U.S., I will be highly competitive in China’s job market. After that, when I think I am prepared enough, I will run my own company, probably a trading company. The most important reason I want to come back is that my family is in China, and I want to with them.

One more thing I’d like to address is that my parents have the financial capability to cover all of my expenses in the U.S. You can see the details in the Certificate of Deposit and Certificate of Income.

第二篇:出国学习计划 1000字



1.拟学专业(研究课题)在国内外研究情况及水平 拟学专业:电子商务与创新学习


2.出国学习/研修目的、预期目标、计划、实施方法及所需时间 学习/研修目的:本次出国留学拟去英国兰卡斯特大学行访问学习。具体学习方向为电子商务与创新学习(MSc in E-Business & Innovation)。



实施方法:按照兰卡斯特大学提供的要求完成 。





4. 拟选择的留学国别,留学单位,选择原因



选择原因:兰卡斯特大学位于英格兰的西北部,名列全球150强大学之一,教学质量与科研活动素来享誉世界。 学校71%的教师所在系的科研质量都获得了6*、5* 或5分。 荣获6*和5*分的学科包括商务与管理、物理学、社会学和统计学。 获得5分的学科有社会科学、计算机、语言学和教育研究等。该校的电子商务与创新学习是管理学院下开设的专业,将网络,移动通讯,多媒体技术融入到电子商务中,专业课程由计算机学院及管理学院共同开设。



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