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Feb. 19, 2009

Study Plan

Dear visa officer,

I am applicant XXX, born on March 7, 1989. My hometown, Harbin Heilongjiang Province, north of China, is well-known for its unusual coldness and ice and snow. As you may know, now the 24th Winter Universiade is been holding in Harbin, which is the biggest and high-level worldly comprehensive winter sport meeting that is ever hosted by China. I love my hometown, and I am sure to adapt myself to the study life in Canada in the near future.

There are three people in my family, my parents and I. My mother is a General Manager in Harbin Daoli District Xinyixin Clothing Store, and my father works as a Vice General Manager in Harbin Haqing Plastic Co., Ltd. I love them very much, for we respect each other and can communicate like friends. Although they expect me highly, they never force me to do anything. However, my parents give me enough freedom and space, and let me make my own choice. Confronted with problems, they will culture to face them and try to deal with them on my own. In all, I learn a lot form them, can live independently in Canada.

In China, I graduated from Harbin Deqiang School in July 2008. Later, I was enrolled and studied Information Management and Information System in the Far East Institute of Harbin University of Science and Technology from September 2008 to present,. During the study there, I get to find that neither the university nor the major is the best choice for me, especially when one of my neighbors who is studying in University of Toronto come back to Harbin. From her, I know a lot about Canada, especially Canadian Education.

Canada, as one of the developed countries, its industrialization and urbanization is quite high. Moreover, the education system is matured to nurture all-round talents, so I’d like to study more systematically in Canada. Also, the education fees are relatively cheaper than those of other countries. Thirdly, Canada is an English-speaking and French-speaking country, and so I can study and practice my English and learn about French in a good language environment there. Finally, I plan to travel around Canada in holidays, such as Niagara Falls, Banff National Park, CN Tower, and Old Town in Quebec, in order to experience different culture and colorful life. All in all, I choose to study in Canada.

After I consulted with my parents and make the final decision to study in Canada, I take my neighbor’s advice to choose best appropriate university or college according to my current situation. Finally, I choose Langra College, the most prestigious public college in the west coast of Canada, where quite a lot students have transferred to UBC and SPU after two years’ hardworking So I plan to attend two years in Langara College, then apply a university for a international recognized Bachelor’s degree. Now I am interested in business, so I will choose to major in International Trade. Nowadays, with the deepening integration of global economy and rapid development of China’s economy, China involves in international cooperation more and more frequently. Particularly, sino-canada trade has obtained considerate development during these years. Both the governments pay much attention to the cooperation between the two countries. Despite the economic crisis, the bilateral trade has a promising future; I want to try my best to work for it. Before that, I’d better get a comprehensive and deep understanding of the two countries. By studying there, I am sure to make it. So far, I have received the letter of acceptance form Langara College, and have paid CAD 4,800 for the tuition.

When I finish my college education, I will return home without any hesitation as soon as possible.

First of all, my final purpose is to make contribution for my motherland. Although China develops quite fast in every aspect, it’s still a developing country and backward from many developed countries. I love China; I choose to make full use of what I will have learned abroad for my country and its industrious and kind people. Secondly, there is a huge and potential market in China, which offers me a lot of promising jobs. Chinese government expects more students abroad to return home and give a lot of special and good treatments. I can not only fulfill my capability but also gain a high salary to make my family’s life better. Then, my parents are another consideration to return. As I have mentioned above, I love them very much. As you know, Chinese people think highly of parent-child relationship. I will stay with them and take good care of them when they are old. In the end, my future major will be International Trade. Due to sino-canada economic cooperation and my good understanding of the two countries, my return is beneficial to both of them.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Your ratification to issue the visa will be highly appreciated.

Sincerely Yours,


第二篇:出国留学自我介绍和学习计划 2700字

Self-introduction & Study Plan

Basic Information

My name is xxxxxxxxxx,and Jhonvie is my English name. I was born in

Novemberxx, xxxx ,in xxxxx rovince, China . Now I am studying as an undergraduate in xxxxxxxx College of xxxxxxxxxx University . I take Tourism Management as my major. Here are parts of the courses I have learned during my undergraduate as follows: Tourism Culture, Principles of Management, Microeconomics,

Macroeconomics, Principles of Tourism, Tourism Geography, Organization Behavior, Culture Tourism, Economic Law, Accounting Principles, Principles of Statistics, Management Information System.

Additional Information

I was born in a harmonic and cozy family. My parents both work in a Furniture Company. The cost of studying and living in Korea will be offered by my parents. They both have stable income. They are also in support of my exchange to Korea. I really thank them a lot . They taught me how to be a good person when I was young. They help me develop good habits and healthy, optimistic personalities.

I had several outstanding achievements since childhood. Additionally, with an outgoing personality, I am able to make friends easily. Now,I am the Minister of Research Department in College Students' Union.

As a student in Tourism Management, I know that communications between China and Korea have developed quickly since the two countries established a diplomatic relationship in 1992. Especially in recent years, China and Korea 's

cultural and economic exchanges are on an unprecedented growth. So I have the idea of being an exchange student to Korea. Moreover, the first-class faculties and teaching of Hanyang University really attract me.

Study Plan

Realizing the language barrier, I plan to improve my English and learn some basic Korean from now on, so that I can live well at Korea.As far as i am concerned, a six-month exchange study, can not let me learn a lot of professional knowledge. In addition to learn the school curriculum well. I have some other wishes.

First, must grasp Korean in the shortest time and adapt Korean culture. To travel around Hanyang, understand the basic situation of Hanyang, and even the whole South Korea.

Next, make a few foreign friends, preferably the South Korean local students. After completes the studies to return to China, I will try my best to learn my professional courses and share my Korea experience with my friends.

All in all, during the semester, I will take advantage of all my time to enrich myself to improve my spoken language and to learn advanced concepts. I know that the road ahead maybe bumpy, but I believe that through my efforts, I can realize my dream. Thank you very much.

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